“Ardor in the Alley” classics and monsters by Stacey Alysa Dennick

A winner in Copperfield’s Books fall 2009 writing contest. The challenge, mix classics and monsters (as in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) in 300 words or less.


Ardor in the Alley

A shoddy carriage pulled by a swaybacked nag trotted past Madame Bovary and Leon.

“Must we go out?” She asked. They had but six more hours before she had to return to her tedious husband.

“Emma, my love,” Leon said, tucking a lock of dark hair behind her ear. “A man needs fuel to feed his passion.” His eyes glinted in the dark of the alley as he bent to kiss her.

A booted foot rang out on the cobblestones, compelling them to draw apart.

The man approached, silhouetted against the low moon, his cloak billowing behind him, although there was no wind. Emma shuddered and drew her own cape tighter.

Suddenly the stranger stood by Leon, his eyes preternaturally bright. His full mouth lifted into a smile, revealing fangs as sharp as lion’s claws. Emma’s mouth fell open, but no sound came out. Her treacherous legs could barely support her. Leon tilted his head back slowly as if in invitation. The stranger pulled him close and sank in his wicked teeth. Leon moaned. The stranger’s answering groans mingled with a hideous slurping, sucking sound.

Jealousy burned hot in Emma’s breast. A banshee’s shriek escaped her lips. In one smooth movement she pulled a knife from her boot and slashed it against the stranger’s hamstrings. She might be small, but she knew where to strike. He staggered back, dropping Leon. Emma plunged the blade again and again, until she and the stranger were both soaked in blood. Only then did she turn to Leon. The stranger laughed, his wounds had completely healed.

“Such enchanting fire,” he said, grabbing Emma and drawing her to his chest. “I shall take you as my companion.”


© 2012 Stacey Alysa Dennick, all rights reserved.