Video Projects

I created a number of videos to help promote Art at the Source, an annual event, featuring self-guided tours of Sonoma County artist’s studios. Stacey Dennick and I both worked on publicity for Art at the Source, a self-guided tour of artist’s studios. Using interview sound bites and the narration she wrote, Stacey was able to …

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Writer’s Forum in Petaluma

Happy New Year!

Dock another minute from my 15 minutes of fame, because Dave Templeton mentioned yours truly (and included my photo) in his thoughtful Argus Courier write-up of the upcoming  Writer’s Forum speaker series.

There’s Magic in the Telling – Writing is Good for Your Health

Creating a record of your life for loved ones is a wonderful goal. Being published is fun and occasionally profitable, but writing memoir for yourself may be the best reason to write. Researchers have found that writing about your life and sharing it with others isn’t just enjoyable, it can improve your health. Dr. James …

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Etsy shop makeover

Has anyone not heard of online craft and vintage superstore Etsy by now?  Photographs sell products on Etsy.  Descriptions help.  If you don’t have strong photos, you won’t have strong sales, or get into galleries, fairs or heaven.  Okay, you might still get into heaven, but not artist nirvana. Artist Susan Wosk enlisted my help to transform her Etsy shop. …

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Ye Old Video projects from the 1990’s

Company profiles I’ve edited company profiles for dozens of companies including: Aldus Corporation / Allied-Signal Corporation/ Altera Semiconductor / American Airlines / American MetroComm / Apple Computer, Inc. / Architrek / Ascom Timeplex, Inc. /Avis Rent A Car / British Petroleum / Carrier1 / Cisco Systems / Citrix Systems / Concentric Networks Corporation /CSX Corporation …

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