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Why We Resist Writing

Writing’s not easy. If you find it difficult to stay motivated during the roller coaster writing process, you are completely normal. Scientists have proven that human beings are wired to choose short-term comfort over long-term goals. 

“Our emotional brain has a hard time imagining the future,” says David Laibson, Professor of Economics at Harvard University. “Our emotional brain wants to max out the credit card, order dessert and smoke a cigarette. Our logical brain knows we should save for retirement, go for a jog and quit smoking.”

Although your logical brain knows that you really want to complete your memoir or novel, your emotional brain has other ideas. She might feel overwhelmed, fearful, or upset by memories. Suddenly, you realize you can’t spend one more minute at your desk without vacuuming. In fact, the whole house is dangerously dusty. You surf the web, or get sucked into email, puttering away your precious writing time. At the end of the day, you might feel disappointed in yourself, or tempted to give up. 

But don’t despair, there are proven methods to trick your brain into being your best writing ally.

As your writing coach I can help you create a writing routine that fits into your schedule. As your guide, cheerleader, amateur psychologist, story sleuth, sounding board and biggest fan, I provide two of the most essential ingredients you’ll need to complete your manuscript: encouragement and accountability.

Techniques for Writing Enjoyment and Efficiency

  • Bringing the fun back into writing with exercises that free the imagination.
  • Creating a routine.
  • Setting small achievable goals.
  • Talking through ideas so you don’t write yourself into blind alleys.
  • Receiving honest, positive feedback.
  • Focusing on specific areas of writing craft to improve your work.
  • Inspirational reading assignments.
  • Building your story scene by scene, chapter by chapter.
  • Tracking progress.
  • Organizing notes, details, and story versions to prevent confusion and maximize efficiency

I encourage you to implement all of these ideas on your own, but a writing coach is invaluable to keep your momentum going despite discouraging days, or life’s intrusions. 

Writing instructor, coach, editor…no matter what hat Stacey Dennick is wearing, she utilizes her good humor, insightful eye, and spot-on instinct to guide writers to a meaningful examination of their craft.

Genevieve Beltran, author of Life After Eleanor 

Why Hire a Writing Coach?

  1. Because your brain is wired to run screaming to ice cream, or social media, or shopping, whenever there’s a difficult or potentially painful task on the horizon.
  2. Because trying to do it on your own isn’t working, or is taking forever, or is just too hard.
  3. Because you need a consistent ally that will provide encouragement and accountability.
  4. Because I make writing and revising fun and satisfying.
  5. Because I’ll help you teach your brain to associate your project with feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction.
  6. Because you know that your story needs to be told. 

Ways to Work Together

We’ll work together to optimize your time and budget, starting with a meeting to discuss your goals and to make sure that I’m a fit for your subject matter. 

Each writer is different, there’s no one way to work together. I charge by the hour, with discounts for multi-hour packages. Let’s talk about the best way for you to move forward on your story.