Stories from my SRJC OAP Students

I’ve been teaching creative writing through Santa Rosa Junior College’s OAP program since 2018. Many of my students have been in one class or another for much longer.

We enjoying hearing each other’s stories so much, I decided to start recording them. Most are memoir, two are children’s stories.

I hope you find them entertaining and enlightening.

“A Good Day in Kentucky” by Nancy McLaughlin
“An Afternoon at the Colonial Inn.” By Steve Rowland, read by Sue Foster.
“Mama in Black and White, 1960” by Ruth Ann Wing
“Cowboys and Cap Guns” by Sue Foster
“I’m No Seamstress” by Azy Heydon, read by Chlele Gummer.
“There Was an Old Witch” children’s board book by Rebecca Arent-Draper
“Rufus and the Games” by Chlele Gummer (children’s book)

Please tell us what you think in the comments below.

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